The business world has rapidly latched onto various online marketing methods and those who choose not to utilize social media will be left in the dust.

That was the message of social media marketing instructor Rob Mark’s keynote speech on Tuesday at the Wichita Aero Club, reports. He added that using social media was a great way to communicate with customers and to engage in online marketing of their product or service.

"You can start small," Mark said in his address. "But you must start."
Mark then referenced what he described as a unique marketing campaign from Ford.

The car manufacturer’s social media director gave new Ford Fiestas to 100 social media experts to review. According to Mark, while this could be risky, the campaign could also yield big results.

"The real crisis is when you find out one of your competitors has jumped ahead of you in the social media world," Mark said, in comments reported by the news provider.

If a business doesn’t like the idea of a Twitter or Facebook account, they may want to look into search engine optimization (SEO), which can improve their ranking in Google searches.