The length of time it can take to put a fully fledged search engine optimization (SEO) campaign in the field makes it imperative that the efforts take shape as soon as possible, writes Herndon Hasty for Search Engine Watch.

Organizational inertia can cripple in-house search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns, Hasty writes, since staffing, testing, and development can already take weeks or months to complete. By the time a large enterprise is ready to put its efforts in the field, the market – or even the company – may have moved on.

Hasty gives the example of a search engine optimization (SEO) effort on behalf of retailers targeting the back-to-school market, saying that it "isn’t far in the distance if you need to post major updates by April or May to maximize your visibility in time." Web crawlers take time to index new pages, and it can take much longer than that before an SEO campaign begins to show results.

Nevertheless, experts say that search engine optimization (SEO) can be one of the most cost-effective ways to improve a website’s visibility for firms with far-reaching vision and a certain quantity of patience.