Google’s own guru of search engine optimization (SEO) analytics, Avinash Kaushik, will deliver a keynote address at the upcoming Search Insider Summit.

Search Insider’s Gord Hotchkiss writes that Kaushik will cover three main topics in his speech to the summit. First, Kaushik will discuss the "unmined gold" – as Hotchkiss describes it – present in the long tail of search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. Hotchkiss says that the challenge is in preserving the ROI of a campaign while searching for the hidden sweet spot.

Kaushik will also talk about attribution in search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns, which he says is monumentally flawed. The problem, writes Hotchkiss, is that longer sales cycles make definitive attribution difficult to pin down, and the questions cannot be answered by simple number crunching. Hotchkiss says that Kaushik will also discuss interpreting the reams of consumer data available to the SEO practitioner and how best to mine the vein of knowledge.

Experts say that analytics is a crucial part of the practice of search engine optimization (SEO), where concrete results can be hard to find.