At Google’s I/O developer conference last week, it announced that it would be teaming up with Sony to bring web search to Sony’s televisions. The move allows those in the search engine optimization (SEO) business the ability to target their audience where they are the most comfortable: in the living room.

Dubbed Google TV, the service is based on the Android platform, reports Interactive TV Today. The technology will use Google’s proprietary web browser, Chrome, and will be built directly into Sony’s TVs. Google TV will be able to feed video content from websites such as Netflix, Amazon VOD, YouTube, and possibly even Hulu, as well as delivering a traditional web browsing experience.

The key to the new platform, according to Google, is its integration into the traditional TV experience.

"Already know the channel or program you want to watch? Just type in the name and you’re there," said a Google spokesperson at the conference, according to ITVT. "It’s just a quick search away. If you know what you want to watch, but you’re not sure where to find it, just type in what you’re looking for and Google TV will help you find it on the web or on one of your many TV channels."

Sony already had an internet platform for its TVs, called Bravia Internet, which allowed users to connect to the internet and watch video content. Whether or not Sony will cut the feature in favor of Google TV is unknown.