Search engine Google announced Friday that it would improve the internationalization of its suggested search and provide both search and "I’m feeling lucky" buttons even when the suggested searches drop-down is active.

Google engineer Ben Gomes, writing in a post for the company’s official blog, said that "given the popularity of these changes, we’ve just rolled them out in 50 languages across all 170 domains where Google Suggest is available. No matter where you are, we hope you find that Suggest is now faster and easier to use."

The company also said that real-time search content would be available in 40 languages, and that the embedding of real-time content into its search engine results pages had been improved. "Now when you’re visiting family in Puerto Rico, or if you speak German and live in Switzerland, you’ll be able to see live updates from people on these popular sites as well as news headlines and blog posts published just seconds before," said Gomes.

Search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns may need to be fine-tuned to account for the new functionality, experts say.