Google announced today that it would broaden its news-related search engine optimization (SEO) impact by adding web content from 24 new publishers to its Fast Flip service, which provides full-page previews of news stories instead of the standard text digests provided by Google news.

Among the new sources due to appear in Fast Flip are the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Public Radio International, and Reuters, thereby greatly expanding the availability of U.S. news content via the service and making it, some experts say, an instantaneously more important target surface for search engine optimization (SEO).

Chicago Tribune media pundit Phil Rosenthal points out that the move contrasts strongly with recent comments by Rupert Murdoch that he was considering pulling his News Corp content from Google, as opposed to becoming more deeply partnered.

International media were also part of the deal, with Fast Flip announcing the inclusion of Great Britain’s Daily Telegraph and Independent newspapers. The Guardian, another UK paper, comments that the deals could solve packaging and presentation issues that are thought to be plaguing online news.