While the world of search engine optimization is increasing it has been largely delegated to companies and websites looking to gain exposure for their business, but with a new development from Google, individuals may be able to increase their own SEO.

This week the search engine giant unveiled Google Profile, a service that the company says will give users "greater control over what people find when they search for your name."

Of course, in order for the new service to actually work for people, they must sign up for an account with Google and the more information a person shares, the more likely they are to show up on the first page when a person searches for their name. To sign up for the service, Google tells users to simply search for "me."

Google’s Joe Kraus said the company has seen an increased demand in the search engine optimization of individual’s names in search engine results and thinks this is the beginning of the solution.

"We have known that there is a user demand for having some control over what people find when people search for you on Google," Kraus told VentureBeat. "Giving people some mechanism of controlling it, we think and we hope, is meeting a big piece of consumer demand."

The push toward individual search engine optimization (SEO) seems to be growing as the tendency to "Google" someone increases. Last month Twitter made a change to its HTML title tags which seems to have increased the search engine optimization (SEO) for individual users.