Joe Meloni

Users can now easily block PPC ads when they bounce back to SERPs from them, much like they can block search results if they find the websites unhelpful. The feature places an especially large focus on high-quality content as part of SEO and, now, PPC campaigns.

The PPC blocking capability means businesses must ensure landing page content for PPC ads is informative and engaging. Any instance of irrelevant or confusing content will likely drive users back to a SERP, where they will see the option to block a PPC ad.

According to Search Engine Land, the feature is available for both logged-in users and those browsing Google anonymously, while the ability to block organic search results is only for logged-in users.

Google’s focus on bringing high-quality content to users is just as focused on rewarding top content as it is on penalizing sites for shallow content. Brafton recently reported the addition of the +1 button on ads throughout the web. The social sharing feature allows users to +1 ads and other promotional content that feature especially strong landing page content.