Google, last week, told search engine optimization (SEO) professionals not to blame the company for negative associations with their search terms.

Writing on Google’s official blog, webmaster trends analyst Susan Moskwa asserts that the most effective way to tamp down ugly search results is to correct the problem at its source. The first line of defense, of course, is for companies not to put negative content online in the first place. (Moskwa relates a personal story about an unflattering photo from college placing highly among results.)

In the case of negative content created by others, Moskwa says that it’s more useful to tackle the problem is at the source website than to complain to Google. Negative reviews can be counteracted by publishing additional positive content and a Google Profile can improve search engine optimization (SEO) by pushing negative search results further down the page.

According to a study cited by Thomas Claburn at Information Week, Google accounts for fully 6 percent of all traffic on the internet, making effective search engine optimization (SEO) a critically important feature of any online marketing campaign.