Recent rumblings in the search engine optimization (SEO) community suggested that Google had changed its algorithms to increase the results of brands, but this week Google’s Matt Cutts downplayed the importance of branding in search.

A number of search engine optimization (SEO) experts concluded in recent weeks that a change from Google gave brands more favorable rankings in search. In a message uploaded on YouTube on Wednesday, Cutts acknowledged that tweaks had been made which would affect results.

However, Cutts said that the recent changes should not be considered an update and said Google does not put more weight on brands.

For companies looking to increase their search results and search engine optimization (SEO), Cutts said the techniques that worked two months ago, before the change, should still be effective.

"What you should be doing doesn’t change – try to make a great site, try to make a site that is so fantastic that you become known as an authority in your niche … those are the sort of sites – the experts – that we want to bring back," he said.