Google is suing Blues Destiny Records, a small blues music label based out of Florida.

According to Ars Technica, this isn’t the first time Blues Destiny Records and Google have been to court. Blues Destiny Records filed suit against Google last year when it found that Google offered links to websites that offered its music for free. Blues Destiny Record also sued Google’s search rivals, like Microsoft, for similar violations.

Blues Destiny Records ended up voluntarily retracting its claim in March, but it did ensure that it could reopen the case in the future if need be.

Seeking to protect its rights, Google preemptively filed a suit against Blues Destiny Records last week to prevent them from reopening the previous suit. Google is asking the court to declare that its search results don’t constitute a copyright violation.

Google has been involved in multiple lawsuits as of late. Earlier this week, a judge dropped the suit that foreign language software developer Rosetta Stone filed against Google. According to Reuters, Rosetta Stone claimed that Google allowed software pirates to abuse search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to steal sales from it.