Although the use of search engine optimization (SEO) has been around for many years, it appears that many companies looking for improved ROI are contributing to a big increase in its use.

Investor’s Business Daily notes that organizations from the Dairy Council of California to Macy’s are using search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure they rank high in search results for keywords related to their industry.

Andrea Garen, a project manager for the Dairy Council, told the news provider that in addition to increasing organic search results, using search engine optimization (SEO) also has a financial appeal.

"SEO definitely helps manage our costs," she told Investor’s. "It’s more of an upfront investment. Over the long term, it’s more economical for us to get the organic search results than it is to just continually pay for the clicks."

It would appear that companies may be better suited using search engine optimization (SEO) rather than pay-per-click as consumers may be getting more hesitant to trust paid ads.

Earlier this year comScore noted that while the number of total search queries has been on the rise, the percentage of paid clicks is not keeping pace. According to the company, search queries has risen 68 percent over the last two years, but clicks to paid searches has only risen 18 percent.