Search engine optimization expert (SEO) expert Gord Hotchkiss, writing for MediaPost, says that Google has a wealth of data that carry the potential to be transformative for the online advertising industry.
Hotchkiss expressed regret that third part of a talk by Google’s search guru, Avinash Kaushik, was cut short at the recently held Search Insider Summit, saying that Kaushik was scheduled to discuss the use of search engine data as marketing intelligence. Google Trends and Google Insights, according to Hotckhiss, are both potential search marketing gold mines.

Hotchkiss draws on the work of John Battelle, writer of an important work that dubbed Google "the database of intentions," and posited that advertising would have to transition from something that sought attention to something that was sought by consumers.

Search engine optimization (SEO), experts say, is part and parcel of this type of transition, as it attempts to gauge and interpret the mood and intentions of the consumer base. Broadening of the search marketing target surface, into mobile and social areas, has also contributed to the growth of the sector as a whole.