During the economic downturn, many people have decided to cut back on vacations and have been staying home more often, but in an effort to attract those who are still traveling, one hotel chain is turning to search engine optimization (SEO).

Aqua Hotel and Resorts, a Hawaiian-based hotel chain, has begun a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign as part of its online marketing, which is already showing results. After only two weeks of using SEO, the chain’s website has seen not only a rise in web traffic, but an increase in reservations to the company’s hotels.

Amber Watt, director of internet strategy at Aqua, said the company began using search engine optimization (SEO) as a way to attract those who were still looking to travel in this difficult hospitality market and says the campaign has boosted the company’s brand and revenue.

Search engine optimization (SEO) appears to be a growing trend in the world of hospitality. Earlier this year, the French resort town of Eu was considering changing its name specifically for SEO reasons. Because it was difficult to find in a Google search – with results involving the EU (European Union) – the town believed it was losing vacation dollars.