It appears that in the same way that companies are increasingly using search engine optimization (SEO) the news media may soon be looking into it as well.

As even news organizations are attempting to draw in more visitors to their websites, it is becoming increasingly important for journalists to know about and implement search engine optimization (SEO) in their articles.

Writing for Poynter Online, the internet arm of the Poynter Institute, Amy Gahran says although it wouldn’t typically be thought that journalists would have to know how search engine optimization works right now, it’s likely to come into play in the future.

"Even if you currently work for a news organization that delegates some SEO functions to other staff, you can’t assume that those other staff will remain on the job long term, or that you will either," she writes. "Better to learn how to write search-friendly headlines and leads now than play catch-up on your own later."

But Drew Broomhall, search editor for the online edition of the London Times, suggests news writers are more web savvy than some might think, saying he already sees examples of journalists putting keywords and search-friendly terms in the headlines and intros of articles.