Recent statistics show that Microsoft needs its new search engine Bing to grasp a percentage of new business as the amount of searches through Microsoft brands fell 14.6 percent in the recent Nielsen figures.

The numbers released this week from Nielsen Online show that every major search engine saw a year-to-year increase in searches last month with Google maintaining its lead in the industry with just under 6 billion searches in May (63.2 percent of the market).

However, Microsoft’s brands actually fell 14.6 percent over May 2008 with MSN and Windows Live Search performing 8.9 million searches last month and maintaining third place in the industry with 9.4 percent of the market.

These numbers are prior to Microsoft’s unveiling of its new Bing "knowledge engine" which debuted June 1.

Overall the figures show that the market for search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) keeps growing as the amount of people performing searches continues to expand with Nielsen reporting that all searches increased 20.3 percent over May 2008 with 9.4 billion searches happening last month.