Microsoft’s Bing search engine posted its best market share ever in February 2010, according to statistical data released Monday by Nielsen Wire.
The market researcher’s information showed that Bing’s numbers have climbed rapidly, and that the search engine is now within two percentage points of Yahoo, in second place. Search engine optimization (SEO) professionals should pay close attention to Bing’s continuing performance.

However, Bing still has a very long way to go if it hopes to unseat dominant market presence Google, which maintains a stranglehold over nearly two-thirds of the U.S. search market. There is still no more critical search engine optimization (SEO) target surface than Google, experts say.

That said, other SEO analysts assert that Bing has certain advantages over its much larger competitor, including a more user-friendly implementation of real-time search integration. Rather than embedding real-time results from sites like Twitter into natural search engine results pages as Google does, Bing provides a separate page for real-time search.

Nielsen’s stats are the latest to show that Bing’s market share has continued to grow. Experian Hitwise reported late last week that its research showed similar growth in Bing searches.