Joe Meloni

As part of a study detailing the changing landscape of web marketing, Mechanica and Fast Company found that more than 70 percent of businesses using SEO campaigns have realized its effectiveness.

The study found that SEO has helped 72 percent of businesses improve their web marketing and visibility. While 23 percent said they weren’t sure if it works and 5 percent found no real benefit, the overwhelming majority have found increased leads and conversions when implementing SEO campaigns.

Search marketing campaigns are highly diverse, but the pairing of SEO and content marketing help businesses improve their web presence without spending too heavily.

Tracking the results of SEO and other marketing with analytics suites was also recommended by 63 percent of businesses. Again, there were some who found little value with analytics – 5 percent – but tracking progress with analytics allows businesses to make strategic decisions in terms of the direction of human and financial resources.

The amount of businesses planning to implement content marketing campaigns driven by SEO has grown consistently throughout 2011 as businesses begin to understand the value of a dynamic website. Brafton reported that more than 80 percent of businesses plan to use or are using content marketing at the moment.

While more traditional forms of marketing are centered solely around sales, web marketing strategies with content marketing focus more on engagement. Additionally, a separate Brafton reported found that the engagement fostered by SEO campaigns has directly generated leads more frequently than PPC campaigns and social media marketing.