Search engine optimization (SEO) practitioners looking to incorporate video into their efforts have a new tool at their disposal, thanks to TwitVid: The social media video sharing service rolled out a real-time search option and new analytics that could help understand the impact of real-time SEO campaigns.

The new search engine will rank videos not only on their relevance to the search term, but also by popularity and related activity on Twitter. TwitVid co-founder Mo Adham told MediaPost that "we want to capture any hot video being shared on [the web]."

TwitVid’s much larger competitors Google and Bing have also recently released their own real-time search engines, but neither company focuses on video as heavily as TwitVid does. There are several other Twitter-based video sharing sites, but none offers the same options as TwitVid.

The smaller company’s emphasis on video could prove highly remunerative in the long run, as studies like the one released last week by eMarketer show that video advertising is one of the few online marketing sectors that posted strong numbers in 2009.