There’s so much technological potential for digital marketers, but success still comes down to telling great stories. At Media Posts’s Online Media, Marketing and Advertising conference (OMMA), Andrew Keller, CEO of CP+B, said different creative minds need to come together to build the best possible user experience across platforms and devices if companies want to earn results.

“Copy writers, technologists, designers, etc., have different brains – and all of these components need to come together in modern campaigns,” he said.

GreyPoupon FBMany brands are eager to dive into different platforms simply because they’re hot on the web, but Keller’s keynote served as a reminder that marketing efforts must draw on insights from different strategists and creative producers to integrate a brand’s cross-web presence. He used the example of Grey Poupon. The company’s Facebook Page made headlines with its “members only” approach, requiring consumers to Like the Page and then “request” membership through a follow-up message. But the company maintained active users in part through an in-depth (tongue in cheek) history that married compelling copy about the company’s product with humorous design that conveyed brand personality. The campaign is a result of different teams’ contributions, and its history format can deliver a story that potential buyers care about.

“People want to know why you’re doing what you’re doing – not just what you’re doing,” said Keller.

In addition to aligning internal players to tell the best brand stories, Keller acknowledged that those outsourcing their campaigns need to ensure their marketing partners can understand their business model and effectively target audiences.

“The intimacy an agency builds with a brand will largely determine the success of the campaign, because that will translate into the intimacy the brand can develop with its audience,” Keller said.

With more than 30 percent of businesses outsourcing at least some of their content creation, Keller’s point on finding the right partner is key. Moreover, his emphasis on creating compelling stories to drive ROI is already acknowledged as a necessary ingredient to web success. IDG’s content marketing survey shows 81 percent of B2B marketers say engaging storytelling is essential to content success.