A recent report finds that most small businesses are not taking advantage of online marketing techniques like search engine optimization (SEO), but one Pilates studio in Oregon is finding success by marketing online.

Dan Walton, co-owner of Studio Blue, a Portland, Oregon-based Pilates studio says when he first Googled the term "Portland Pilates," his studio was not listed in the top results.

To combat this, Walton began using search engine optimization (SEO) and now says his website is drawing in at least five new clients each week.

Now, Walton plans to revamp his website to make it even more attractive to search engines by adding more original content like a blog and has been using social networking sites like Twitter to help increase visibility.

A report this week from AMI-Partners found that about 80 percent of small businesses in North American do not use online marketing techniques like search engine optimization (SEO). But the company expects that number to change as more small- and medium-sized businesses make the switch to online avenues as a way to more closely target their marketing campaigns.