Competition from Bing, Yahoo, and others has slowly eroded Google’s sizeable lead in the search engine market throughout 2009, but recently released figures from Experian Hitwise show that the market leader regained one percent of its share in November.

Yahoo was the biggest loser to Google in November of 2009, says the study, dropping 5 percent from the previous month to finish with 15.39 percent of U.S. searches. Bing’s trend of steady growth for most of the year also took a hit in November, falling 2 percent to 9.34 percent overall.

The recently finalized deal between Yahoo and Bing should provoke shifts in the search market that could be noticeable to internet users at large, not just search engine optimization (SEO) professionals, according to experts, though they note that the deal has not yet received regulatory approval in the U.S. or EU.

Search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns which pay careful attention to relative market shares of the different search engines can more accurately distribute resources to the appropriate search terms and create content that helps push targeted content to the top of the rankings.