A study released last week by Experian Hitwise, an internet research firm, found that while Google still accounted for just over 70 percent of U.S. internet searches, Microsoft’s Bing surged a little less than 1.5 percent to 9.48, an 18 percent increase over the four weeks ending on August 29.

However, preliminary information from StatCounter says that this trend may have already reversed itself. That company’s numbers show that Google regained several percentage points in September while Bing posted its first monthly loss since its launch in June. Hitwise and several other internet tracking firms will release their September results later this month.

The study found more valuable search engine optimization (SEO) information, like the fact that one-word searches were the most common length, and that Google is a primary source of traffic for many key industry segments, accounting for almost a third of all health and medical-related traffic on the web.

While the battles between the major search engines are ongoing, experts agree that proficient search engine optimization (SEO) will remain a primary tool for businesses looking to grow their online presence.