Although the world of search engine optimization (SEO) is growing, many believe that it is primarily for small businesses looking to gain an advantage on big corporations, but one expert says no company is too big to use SEO.

In a post for Search Engine Journal, Drew Stauffer writes that many large companies think they are big enough, or have such high online brand awareness that there is no need to implement a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

But Stauffer says that writing content for the web is often times much different than anything these companies’ marketing staff is accustomed to working with. He also points out that regardless of what field a company is in, it’s unlikely that everyone will be able to remember them.

"Granted, most consumers aren’t going to search for ‘luxury automobile’ and then suddenly remember BMW, but what if I asked them to name 10 of the top department stores," Stauffer asks. "Of course they are going to be able to name at least 10, but are they going to name your company?"

Having said that, search engine optimization (SEO) still presents a great opportunity for small businesses to get a leg up on companies that are much larger than themselves. In an interview last month with, Andy Leff, CEO of 7 Mainstreet, said that not using SEO is one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when they launch a website.