Business owners won’t have to worry about traveling the world over this spring to find international clients – they might just need to tidy the global storefront. JM Internet Group is offering online training for business owners to clean up their websites and get them SEO-ready for summer sales.

The firm is a leading provider of search engine optimization (SEO) services, and it will kick off its online seminars next week. The webinars will familiarize entrepreneurs with top tips from industry experts on how to boost their search rankings.

Jason McDonald, SEO director for JM Internet Group, says many SEO companies actually attempt to "obfuscate their knowledge of SEO" to reel clients in. McDonald claims these seminars, on the contrary, aim to "empower students to either a) do it themselves, or b) be educated, pro-active partners with their SEO service company and thereby truly assist in getting their company to the top of Google."

The online sessions will start on June 8 with the webinar "Get Local: Google Local, Yelp and AdWords for Local Search."

Of course, business owners may want to supplement these Google-focused SEO tips with further information as Google may not be the biggest search engine on the block for long. According to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo is currently trying to establish itself as the leader in the internet search market with a new ad campaign.