There are numerous experts on the web touting the things people should do to help increase their search engine optimization (SEO), but one writer recently made a list of the things companies should avoid if they want their SEO to improve.

In a piece for Connected Internet, Joseph Plazo writes that search engine optimization (SEO) is important to all businesses, but is especially important to entrepreneurs looking to increase their online visibility.

But when these companies look for someone to help increase their search engine optimization (SEO), Plazo says there are a number of tactics businesses should avoid, like blog spamming and using duplicate content.

"The algorithms used by Google filter out copy that look similar to another," he writes. "If 90 documents look the same, expect that they’ll be consigned to the supplemental search results – or worse – to the sandbox."

This is one reason why companies should consider original content when implementing a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

A number of experts say that whether on a social media site like Twitter or their own company website, businesses that create original, compelling content have a greater likelihood of increased search engine optimization (SEO).