A car’s tires aren’t something that most consumers think about on a daily basis, but when they need new ones they’re often left wondering who to turn to. With so many people heading online to find businesses near them, tire and repair shops might want to consider using search engine optimization (SEO) to help increase business.

TireReview.com notes that Net Driven, a Pennsylvania-based marketing firm which focuses on the auto industry, has created a program for tire and repair shops which combines search engine optimization (SEO) content about the tire industry and other elements into one service to help increase the online presence of these businesses.

Brian Lynott, co-founder of Net Driven, told the website that "the internet is the most effective form of advertising for tire and repair shops" and noted that these companies "need to embrace the internet."

Many in the auto industry are using search engine optimization (SEO) as more people head to the web to search for information about cars.

While Cash for Clunkers helped invigorate the sales of new cars, Todd Swickard, CEO of Auto Dealer Traffic recently wrote in Dealer Marketing Magazine that car dealers should use search engine optimization (SEO) to help increase the online presence of their used cars to raise sales.