Careful analysis of data provided by both search engine optimization (SEO) and PPC campaign feedback can be beneficial to the effectiveness of both, according to the writer of Search Engine Land’s Analyze This column, Evan LaPointe.

LaPointe writes that search engine optimization (SEO) novices are frequently tempted to optimize their sites to drive the absolute maximum possible traffic to the front page. That’s a laudable goal, according to LaPointe, but it’s still secondary to the need for high levels of conversions, rather than high levels of traffic. High traffic and low conversion produces what is called "bounce rate," and LaPointe cites Google analytics guru Avinash Kaushik’s definition of the term: "Bounce rate is when people get to your site, puke, and leave."

PPC analytics can help provide search engine optimization (SEO) professionals with the type of hard data that can lead to more intelligently designed SEO efforts. Prying high-conversion terms from analyzed data can be simplified by incorporating PPC information.

Google has attempted to make analytics easier in recent weeks by releasing several new features for its popular Google Analytics package.