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    Six social media success stories of 2010

    At the start of 2010, many companies were likely congratulating themselves for having a Facebook page, but a year makes a big difference. Having come to terms with the rising… Read more »

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    Your (Recommended) 2011 Resolution: Build a Smarter Funnel

    The key to growing your base of qualified leads, boosting conversion and fostering engagement on your website is setting the right net for your ideal audience. In search engine optimization… Read more »

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    Retailers, enjoy holiday ecommerce – and happy ‘festivus’ to the rest of us with relevant, quality content

    The holiday season is a happy one for advertisers, and Santa's been good to internet marketers in particular this year – consumers are spending record-breaking amounts online. While brands in… Read more »

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    News execs step up paywall offensive

    The battle over payment for news content is ratcheting up. After a decade of delivering online content almost entirely for free, a hardy band of news executives are growing steadily… Read more »

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    English courts see sense on libel?

    In England, the defense of one’s reputation can be a costly and protracted pursuit, particularly for those at the sharp end of a lawsuit. London has long been described as… Read more »

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    News behind the paywalls: To charge or not to charge?

    Every action has a reaction, the Newtonian dictum goes. So it is with news. Journalists create interesting and relevant content in hopes of a ready audience. But everyone knows there… Read more »

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    Web site? A victory for common sense

    The Associated Press has seen sense, and is advocating the use of "website" rather than "Web site." The AP construction was increasingly an anachronism that failed to recognize how the… Read more »

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    News is dead, long live the news: The rise of an online industry

    It’s too easy to predict the slow demise of journalism. We’ve heard the concerns before. The advent of the internet opened the floodgates, diluting editorial standards. The blogosphere ushered in… Read more »

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