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SEO tip: Let audience trends dictate keyword strategies


When putting together a keyword strategy, content marketers must evaluate terms with high search volumes and phrases consistent with their brands’ voice and tone.

Don’t bore your audience to sleep with drab web content


Writing web content in tough industries can be difficult, but with a little trial and error, content marketing can be a fun way to tell branded stories on the web.

How to get the whole story from your bounce rate – 3rd Thursday Tip


Brafton’s Jason Cook explores the value of the bounce rate metric, and advises marketers to consider alternative reporting methods to evaluate their content’s success.

Seven Content Marketing Insights To Fuel Success [List]


Brafton highlights seven key insights from 2013 to fuel content marketing success for any brand.

eBooks: Where to Start and How to Finish


Brands can create ebooks to educate and inform prospects, pushing them toward conversion.

Can niche fields outsource content? Q&A with a tech writer


Content writing is challenging for niche industries, but Brafton asks writer Nick Kakolowsi about what it takes to get tech writing right.

Branding your business through social media – or not


Social media marketing is a complex practice that some brands think will make them easy money – but it won’t if companies don’t take branding through sites like Facebook and Twitter seriously.

Content Marketing Recap: May 2013 (Video)


Brafton’s take on the biggest content marketing trends of May can help you build June (and ongoing) strategies.

SEO mobilized: How strategies differ on mobile & desktop search


Tips for creating a mobile SEO and content strategy that puts your brand’s products and services in front of on-the-go web searchers.