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The HR Industry Content Marketing Benchmarks for 2022

How are your content marketing efforts measuring up to competitors? As an HR professional, you’re well aware of the critical role that content marketing plays in your business growth strategy. But how do your efforts compare to those of competitors, and how does your agency’s performance stack up across industry averages?

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Crews Control

Crews Control One of the ways our client, Crews Control, utilizes content is through themed eBooks that serve as gated assets for lead-generation campaigns. Here’s one we created: The eBook — “Careers in the video field: What paths do professionals take?” — was written and designed by our team, with a focus on providing actionable… Read more »

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Content marketing trends report for 2019

We input 50 key content marketing terms into Google Trends and assessed five years of user search data. Based on these findings, we narrowed down our list to 20 terms that became more popular, less popular, stayed the same or fluctuated wildly.

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