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    ‘Above the Fold’ Episode Recap: How to be a ‘Gooder’ Brand


    Do-gooder Diana Fryc sees brands as a force for good, but a lot goes into walking that walk. She shows us all the steps on this episode of Above the Fold.

    Understanding the 9 Major Types of Copywriting


    You may be a copywriter without even knowing it. Here are nine major types of copywriting you can use for your next marketing strategy.

    How to Promote Audience Engagement with Content Marketing


    It’s one thing to make customers aware of your brand, and another challenge to engage with your intended audience. Learn about our strategies for audience engagement.

    How to Write a Testimonial + Some of Our Favorite Examples [Infographic]


    Testimonials can be a valuable asset to your brand’s ability to retain clients and generate new leads. Here’s how you can craft a successful testimonial, plus some killer examples and why they work so well.


    Why SEO Doesn’t Work


    SEO sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it?  The prospect of seeing your brand rank on the top of Google search results for your favorite keyword is sexy. You’d certainly […]

    Content Marketing Metrics That Matter (And Those That Don’t)


    Explore the content marketing metrics that should matter to your organization and beware the KPIs that don’t translate to real value.

    Pros and Cons of LinkedIn in Your Marketing Strategy


    Linkedin has many purposes, and it also has its advantages and disadvantages. Learn if it’s the right tool for you.

    31 Marketing Collateral Ideas for Your Content Marketing Playbook (SlideShare)


    Every asset you create is multifunctional, be it for sales, marketing or human resources. Do you have enough collateral to support your company’s growth initiatives?

    Crafting Superior Marketing Strategies with Mark Bennett


    As an account manager based in Brafton’s Boston office, Mark works with numerous different teams to help plan and implement a variety of clients’ marketing strategies. He’s constantly working with […]