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    Learning the Secrets to Sales Success with Tom Scott


    With a good attitude, strong team and skills galore, Tom’s found nothing but success and satisfaction as the VP of Sales at Brafton.

    Inbound Marketing for B2B Brands: The Complete Guide


    Inbound marketing is the most reliable lead generation technique for B2B brands. Here’s everything to know about B2B inbound marketing strategy.

    The Most Carefully Culled and Curated Collection of Content Marketing Tips You Will Find Anywhere (Video)


    Want to make your digital marketing campaign a rousing success? Follow these content marketing tips.

    Content Marketing Metrics That Matter, And Those That Don’t (Infographic)


    Explore the content marketing metrics that should matter to your organization and beware the KPIs that don’t translate to real value.

    My Digital Marketing Predictions That Never Happened (and the Problem With All Predictions Posts)


    In this post, we focus on some digital marketing predictions (our own) that didn’t end up happening and have a good old moan about predictions posts in general.

    How to Create Engaging Video Content That Boosts Your Conversions


    Want to learn how to create engaging video content to boost conversions and wow your audience? Read this post to find out seven useful strategies to do that.

    Your Guide to Executing a Results-Driven Digital Marketing Campaign


    Drawing on results to inform and improve your digital marketing campaign can definitely pay off. Learn more about this digital marketing strategy.

    Inbound vs Outbound Marketing: What’s the Difference? (Infographic)


    Inbound has changed the way marketers think about engaging with their audiences and has given way to more informed, intentional customers. But what does inbound actually mean, and how is it different from outbound?

    A Guide to Developing an Actionable Marketing Framework (Infographic + Template)


    Learn what a marketing framework is, and get step-by-step directions on how to build your own.