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    Inbox ROI: Vampires suck, email marketing doesn’t

    Find out why email marketing provides an ROI that could make a bloodsucker blush.

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    Fill ‘er up: Fuel your content strategy with email marketing

    Your content will stall unless you’ve got the right promotion methods. Here’s why email marketing gets you going where you need to go.

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    9 must-use plug-ins, add-ons and extensions for social media marketers

    Get even more out of your social marketing strategy with the nine plug-ins, add-ons and extensions Brafton’s social strategists can’t live without.

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    Brafton’s Weekly Content Marketing Roundup: March 27 – March 31

    This week we’re looking at the latest updates in social media marketing, how to lower email unsubscribe rates and a whole lot more.

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    Putting the pedal to the site traffic metal with social media [success story]

    Increasing your Twitter and Facebook followers is great, but here we show how social media did even more for a client.

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    Visualize it: Your brain on social media

    It’s time to pay attention to the “media” portion of social media. Here’s how.

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    Top 6 LinkedIn changes rocking the content marketing world in 2017

    From new lead generation opportunities to Sponsored InMail to video, we explore all the ways marketers can take advantage of LinkedIn’s makeover.

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    How to post on Pulse to reach the heart of the conversation

    For B2B marketers, LinkedIn Pulse is quickly becoming an invaluable tool. Learn how to create content that resonates and engages your professional audience.

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    Walkthrough: Lead generation from paid social ads [eBook]

    Unlock your potential with this eBook, and level up your social media marketing game by equipping paid ads to win more leads.

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