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SEO is the cornerstone of inbound marketing. Though results depend on a number of variables unrelated to your site, SEO is proven to drive ROI in many forms.

We’re committed to designing a custom SEO framework that makes sense to your business.

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SEO Content Mapping

Content creation should be backed by hard metrics and align with a specific commercial goal. Through our proprietary content mapping process, we leverage insights into top-performing content, trending SEO techniques and organic ranking opportunities to inform and polish all assets we produce.

Content optimization means understanding your competitors’ content strategies, synthesizing existing Page 1 keyword performance and investigating how to craft content that matches user intent more closely than anything else available on the web.

We embed SEO into everything we do, from start to finish.

On-Page SEO

The many variations of SEO warrant hyper-targeted tactics that maximize every search potential.

Brafton provides on-page SEO services that cover content, metadata, meta tags, HTML and other page-level ranking factors.

Off-Page SEO

Not only does the front and backend of your site’s performance matter to SEO, but external signals do as well.

Brafton’s off-page SEO services include influencer outreach, social media marketing, link building, brand mentions, bookmarking and more.

Your consultant seeks out and qualifies authoritative publications and inbound links from authoritative domains to send stronger ranking signals to search engines. By improving your Domain Authority and expanding brand awareness with off-page optimization, your chances of generating more traffic to high-value web pages scale with your on-page optimization efforts.

Local SEO

Though physical distance between brands and buyers may be greater than ever, search engines make all business local.

Mobile-first indexing and voice search are now the norm, and a growing number of queries are location-specific. The only way to position your brand to capitalize on today’s searches is with a fully optimized Google My Business listing, updated business directories like Yelp and content production that serves local intent.

Through detailed audience development, manual optimization of web properties and sophisticated SEO content recommendations, Brafton’s local SEO packages make your brand more visible in SERPs and more likely to convert local users.

International SEO

SEO knows no borders, and for companies with a global reach, an international marketing strategy is an absolute must.

Due to disparate languages, internet regulations, search engine usage and technology availability, SEO on a worldwide scale relies on a higher level of expertise.

To ensure your listings show up in location-specific SERPs, consultants utilize country-specific top-level domains, subdomains, subfolders, modified URLs, language tags, automated translation and geo-targeting through Google Search Console and other tools to make it easier for search engines and human users to find your content.

Social and Competitor Research

Knowing what keywords your competitors are targeting, the campaigns they are undertaking and the page-level performance metrics they are yielding is key to honing your own SEO strategies.

Brafton investigates, reports and analyzes up to five of your competitors so you have a strong foundation from which to launch your targeted campaigns. This allows you to devote your resources to high-value commercial-intent keywords, social media platforms that are likelier to reap rewards and market-specific organic opportunities you may not have been aware of.

To build upon SEO advantages and gain a deeper understanding of your position in SERPs, you can request additional primary, secondary and tertiary competitors to be analyzed.

Link Building

As a fundamental tenet of off-page SEO, link building is its own unique specialization within content marketing.

Your consultant provides backlinking overviews, relevant publications to partner with and recommendations for generating more authoritative external links to your site.

The manual work of reaching out to thought leaders, guest-posting on blogs, syndicating content and forming connections with influencers is managed by your social media and strategy teams in conjunction with informative SEO consultancy.

Gain greater link equity, enhance your Domain Authority and watch your search presence rise.

Persona Mapping

Drawing a straight line from SEO to ROI requires in-depth persona research and content consulting.

Buyer personas allow you to properly differentiate between casual site visitors, customer influencers, existing customers and actual decision-makers. Charting an SEO strategy that targets each of these core audiences keeps your content personalized, relevant and fully intent-driven.

Persona mapping puts your target market front and center of your digital presence.

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Brand Identity Research

As search engines change, your brand identity might, too.

In addition to understanding your evolving target audience, you should also grasp who your brand is, what it portrays through content and how it is suited to achieve SEO objectives.

Consultants can refresh existing site copy to better reflect your updated brand, refine your campaign content calendars, build creative briefs and brand guidelines, upgrade brand messaging and work on custom projects as needed.

Diving into your current strengths and weaknesses from a marketplace perspective enables you to properly execute on targeted SEO opportunities.

Keyword Ranking Factors

SEO boils down to distinct ranking signals that search engine algorithms use to qualify and index content in an order that’s most useful and relevant to searchers.

The exact keyword ranking factors that matter most to marketers change slightly over time, as artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated and users adjust their search behavior to certain devices.

All told, your site needs to adhere to a few fundamental ranking factors which, among nearly 200 others, include:

Custom Consulting Packages

To dominate SERPs, capture leads and drive up your conversation rate, you can choose fixed, ongoing or à la carte SEO offerings that meet your immediate and long-term needs.

One size does not fit all, so our consultants craft an SEO strategy that serves your commercial goals and documents measurable SEO wins with conversion tracking.

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