YP search data shows users increasingly look for information on their mobile devices.

Search activity helps marketers develop strategies that guide their future outreach programs. When professionals discern insight into consumers’ tendencies to research specific topics online more often than other subjects, content marketing campaigns can be drafted to take advantage of these trends. Recently, local search provider and online advertising network YP released its end-of-year report that outlines search activity over the course of 2012. Data shows trends from its PC portal, mobile apps and web traffic.

Top Searches 2012The study noted that 30 percent of its overall search volume came from mobile devices, which further highlights demand for mobile SEO content. More, 100 percent of queries on the YP network are location based, and while YP admits its data may not be an entire representation of market-wide activities, the findings offer a good glimpse into the evolving nature of search in general. People now regard search engines as their greatest resource for discovering new products, services and even businesses situated just around the corner.

According to YP’s “Local Insights Digital Report,” its network alone generates approximately 39 billion annual impressions through search activities. Brands don’t have to work with YP to garner attention from consumers via the web, but becoming visible across a wide array of online channels does drive traffic and increase the likelihood of upticks in sales.

Brands should create content marketing campaigns to reach web users, as organic, custom content engages prospective customers across all networks. While having a paid advertising campaign can help organizations reach new audiences, branded content published to the web educates internet users and speaks to readers no matter their place in the sales cycle. Additionally, with YP noting that more people search from mobile devices, content must be optimized and become easily digestible for on-the-go users. As 2013 edges closers, content creation initiatives should be revised to take into account mobile search trends, even while the bulk of activity continues to occur via PCs.

Ted Karczewski is an Executive Communications Associate at Brafton. He works to develop his own voice and apply his passions to the evolving world of SEO and content marketing, but he doesn't shy away from writing for fun. After graduating from Suffolk University, Ted used his Communications degree to test out Sports Journalism before Marketing at Brafton.