Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a necessary tool for companies all over the world to get attention on the internet, but one French town is hoping it can help its tourism.

The French town of Eu says it is being bypassed by tourists who can’t find it on search engines like Google. A search for the site in English results in many references to the European Union, while a French search will commonly result in a variant of the French verb avoir, to have.

According to the Times of London, the town’s mayor is hoping to add more syllables to Eu in an effort to increase its search engine optimization (SEO).

The Times says the town, which was once the retreat of such historical figures as King Louis-Philippe and was visited by Queen Victoria, lost more than $20,000 in hotel revenue last year because vacationers were unable to find the Eu on search engines.

As people search the internet for any variety of topics, search engine optimization is becoming more and more popular for a number of industries.

Earlier this month Search Engine Land pointed out that the NFL had done a poor job in optimizing the Super Bowl as it was difficult to find information like the game’s start time prior to the event.

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