Starting the Conversation

Brafton’s social media marketing services make it easy to maintain a positive, authentic presence across your social channels. Our social media marketers proactively engage in relevant conversations with key influencers to ensure your brand’s voice is heard. We work as a liaison between your company and your target buyer to foster a deeper relationship.

Social Listening

The best way to know what your audience needs is to listen to what they’re saying. Social listening provides us with deep insights into trending topics. We learn what matters to your target consumer and create content that maps to it.

Discussions and Engagement

Social is more than posting your own content – it’s about the conversation. When Brafton is involved in your social marketing, we don’t just talk to your audience, we talk with them.

Active Community Outreach

No matter your industry, there is an active social community within it discussing what matters to them. Engaging influential users with relevant interests helps to actively grow your audience and social media reach.

How We Socialize

Adaptive Social Strategy

We design your social media marketing strategy around your goals and your audience’s expectations.

In-Depth Reporting

Your social strategist provides regular reports and data-driven insights to show you what’s working and why.

A/B Testing

Testing different approaches to your campaigns allows us to fine-tune a branded, engaging social strategy.

See the Results

Mobile Mini: Content diversity builds brand awareness, increases traffic

Portable storage company Mobile Mini utilized Brafton's content marketing services with the goal of increasing brand awareness and organic search traffic. Here are the results.
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General Financial: Drives website traffic with newsletters

General Financial’s partnership with Brafton has boosted the military loan brand's web marketing efforts significantly. A single quarter into the organic content strategy, traffic to the blog increased 117 percent.
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MobileCause: Generates leads with infographic marketing

Find out how Brafton's graphic marketing team helped our client generate hundreds of leads with a custom infographic.
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Bridge the Gap

Now that you’ve captured attention, see how we can help you capture leads.

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