Video Builds Your Brand

Brafton’s video marketing services help offer an in-depth look into your brand to build trust and recognition. Video provides an immersive experience that is easy to digest and still leaves a long-lasting impression. Your brand will shine through in every video so your viewers know who you are no matter where they watch your content.

Compelling Video Marketing Strategy

Our videos don’t just make you look great – they’re developed with strategies behind them that get you results. Whether you want to explain a complex idea, keep your customers updated or share a laugh, we can use video to help you reach your marketing goals.

Visionary Videographers

Brafton’s creative team is made up of some of the best people in the industry. Our in-house video team has roots in television, the news and the sets of feature films. With our producers’ creativity and our strategists’ eyes for measurable results, we are set up for your success.

Studio Production

With two on-site studios in Boston and Chicago, video production is a breeze. We film product demos, news updates, interviews and more under our own roof, giving your brand access to all the resources and expertise needed to create great video.

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On-Location Shoots

Videos shot on location personalize your message and tell a unique story about your brand. We have right resources and talent at our fingertips to make your vision a reality. Your production crews are ready to scout and shoot anywhere you need.

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Animated Video

Convey your message quickly and effectively with animation. Our team condenses complex ideas into easy and compelling narratives to evoke the right response from your audience. The color, style and pacing work in harmony with your brand to tell an unforgettable story.

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Event Coverage

Live events can provide long-term value when you make them part of your video marketing strategy. Our videographers and on-screen talent can capture your biggest moments and make your events more accessible to your whole audience.

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Our Lens, Your Vision

There is no limit to what our video production team can do. No matter how complex an idea might seem, our experienced videographers, scriptwriters and in-house talent have the shared knowledge and resources to develop a solution to meet your needs.

Share Your Message

Once your audience finds you, we help them get to know you and convert.

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