Content marketers can benefit from authorship analytics

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by Brafton Editorial
Content marketers who claim authorship from Google+ can benefit from authorship analytics.

Content marketers are constantly trying to find innovative and accurate ways to measure results, which is why those who claim authorship from Google+ can benefit from authorship analytics. Brafton reported on Google author analytics back in 2011 when the search engine giant released a tool that allows webmasters to see which writers brought traffic to their sites. The new authorship tools, released on the sly, allow individual content writers to assess results.googleauthorshipgeekbeat

According to John P., a contributor, Google’s authorship analytics are available upon logging into Google+, rather than in the Labs section of the interface. John was able to see how his custom content was faring on the web, with metrics indicating how many times his articles appeared in search and how often they were clicked, thanks to authorship tools.

These insights can help writers understand what content has the most impact on the web so they can optimize for maximum engagement during the creation phase.

Content writers can sign up for Google authorship, which will allow them to claim their articles, gaining recognition and higher search rankings through +1s on Google+. Authorship allows searchers to easily find authors they recognize and trust, driving them toward particular content. In turn, authorship analytics can help content marketing teams understand who has gained trust and authority in Google SERPs.

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