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    “Above the Fold” episode 13 recap: Marketing ethics (and fart apps)


    In the baker’s dozen episode, Francis and Jeff talk about ethics in brand management, technological advancements and influencer marketing, and Jeff needs to look up what a baker’s dozen is.

    ‘Above the Fold’ episode 12 recap: Jeff, Fran and guest star rant about the future


    This week on Above the Fold, Jeff and Fran bring on guest star Sonny Sharp to discuss marketing predictions for 2019 and, naturally, share their own forecast for the future.

    ‘Above the Fold’ episode 11 recap: Jeff and Fran fly by the seat of their collective pants


    There’s no shortage of digital and content marketing news out there, which is a good thing when you’re playing things fast and loose with your weekly podcast and don’t plan out discussion points in advance.

    ‘Above the Fold’ episode 10 recap: Can you hear us, Elon Musk?


    What happens when a podcast turns 10 episodes old? The hosts weigh the commercial versus ethical obligations of Google and Elon Musk, that’s what.

    ‘Above the Fold’ episode 9 recap: Is Facebook dead?


    Another week, another controversial foray into the world of content marketing. Jeff and Francis really go places in episode 9, from the seachange washing over social media, to what adult content tells us about video-streaming trends.

    ‘Above the Fold’ episode 8 recap: Jeff waxes poetic about CMWorld


    Welcome to the CMWorld-themed edition of Above the Fold.

    ‘Above the Fold’ episode 7 recap: Jeff and Francis get controversial


    In which the boys talk about Google and censorship, parenting via Alexa and why Instagram is the most important social media platform right now. I might be exaggerating, but only by a tad.

    ‘Above the Fold’ episode 6 recap: Francis and Jeff talk results


    Francis and Jeff ponder big questions, like “When do content campaigns see results?”, “How do you write authoritatively?” and “Do you always think about SEO when you drink?”

    ‘Above The Fold’ episode 5 recap: Francis and Jeff cope with failure


    As Francis and Jeff learn all too well in this episode of “Above The Fold,” content marketing missteps are inevitable, but how you respond is sometimes as important as avoiding them altogether.