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    Eroding the enigma: Concrete terms to develop voice in writing


    Voice in written content isn’t some abstract feeling. It arises from a combination of craft elements, including diction and structure.

    The end is nigh: How to write a conclusion


    The conclusion is your content off ramp, allowing readers to slow down, find your calls to action and consider their next decision.

    Adding flavor to your content with data


    Data in written content is like salt and pepper: They add flavor to a dish, but you don’t want to eat them alone.

    Listen: How to use sound in your content writing


    Sonic considerations aren’t for poetry only. Make your content sing to improve readability and reader engagement.

    More than a preference: Diction and your content


    Diction in content writing means more than your or your brand’s preference for certain words.

    The rhythm, the pace, the mind control: Syntax in writing


    Through strategic syntax variation, you can make your web content more readable and engaging.