Brafton’s Weekly Content Marketing Roundup features the latest news and trends in content marketing. There’s a lot in store for you this week, including the best in B2B video marketing, why you should revisit your guest blogging strategy, how to find the best video hosting platform for your site, and much more.

Is your video marketing accounting for silence?Silence to your ears

Walk down the street, and chances are almost everyone you see will be wearing headphones. But even though our society is bonded through this audio solidarity, that doesn’t mean people automatically want to hear sound when looking at videos online. Brafton’s Eric Wendt explains how marketers can still make an impact with video that could go unheard. Get the scoop here.

Getting a content pulse check

Annual medical checkups are necessary if you want to stay healthy. And the same goes for your content strategy. This piece from Content Marketing Institute shows you how to put on a stethoscope and perform a checkup of your overall strategy. This helps you find out what’s working, what’s not resonating with your audience, and what changes need to be made to keep your content marketing goals fit for the long run. So put on your doctor lab coat and get to checking!

B2B video that sells

Companies in the B2B sphere have long been thought of as boring, stuffy and uninspiring in their marketing efforts. Well, that’s definitely not the case, and it shows in this article from Brafton’s Jeff Baker. He covers some of the best B2B marketing videos from the last several years and how B2B brands can create engaging and entertaining videos. Move over B2C – B2B is here to give you a run for your marketing money. See it all here!

Social is alive and well

Oddly, the rumor mill is swirling with speculation that social media marketing is on the way out. We have to strongly disagree, and so too does Entrepreneur. This article explains why social media still plays one of the largest and most effective roles in boosting brands’ marketing efforts, and why companies can’t afford to discard their social channels and methods. Social is here to stay!

Venturing with VR

Virtual reality is poised to be the next big thing – and brands are already looking at how they can incorporate this exciting and engaging technology into their marketing campaigns. Brafton’s Michael O’Neill explores what VR can do for businesses, why and how it will shape SEO going forward, and why companies should look to invest in it now. Get in on the VR revolution!

Guest blogging guidance

Guest blogging has fast become a favorite form of promotion among many brands. But that doesn’t mean it’s always being done right, according to this article from Search Engine Journal. Many marketers guest blog in order to build links, but this isn’t the best approach – instead, companies need to work with industry influencers to create ideal guest blogging opportunities if they want their efforts to succeed. Read the rest here.

Honing your video host

It’s no surprise that having videos on your website generates lots of good stuff – traffic, engagement, leads, etc. But if you don’t have the right hosting platform, your videos could be duds. This piece by Brafton’s Jeff Keleher dives into the best video hosting services that marketers can use to make sure their videos shine bright on their site. Find the right one for your brand.

SEO takes the red carpet

There’s tons of info out there about SEO, its early days, what it does and how it helps brands – most of which is in the form of written content. Well, now SEO has taken to the (almost) big screen with “SEO: The Movie.” Created by Ignite Visibility CEO John Lincoln, this 40-minute film features discussions and insights from some of the top SEO minds, including Rand Fishkin and Rae Hoffman. Grab your popcorn!

That’s it for this week. Be sure to check back next Friday for the latest updates from the world of content marketing.

Tressa Sloane is the Sr. Manager of Editorial Development in Boston. Born a Southern belle, she now resides in the chilly (but wicked awesome) Northeast, and when she's not learning everything she can about content marketing, she's obsessing over Elvis, Auburn football and France.