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    What is a content writer? Here’s a day in the life


    Life as a web content writer is a commitment to discipline, good habits and creative self-care.

    Creating a writing style guide in 8 steps (A walkthrough)


    A writing style guide is a reference resource for editorial content creators. It chronicles your brand personality and tone of voice.

    Copywriting skills you need to succeed (Infographic)


    Effective copywriting can bring in leads and grow your audience. But it can’t stand alone; companies need content marketing to build trust and position them as helpful resources.

    13 best marketing blogs to follow


    Staying current with the best marketing blogs to follow not only keeps you informed, but also inspired as you can watch what they do best in their own marketing and content. Let’s take a look at our own favorite marketing blogs and some of the most successful and distinctive strategies behind them.

    How to write a product description that sells (+ 11 examples)


    Effective product descriptions not only give customers information about the offering but also deliver psychological appeals.

    5 awesome writing hacks for better marketing copy


    Great written content is always relevant as a marketing tool. Here are five ways to make your writing flow more easily and reach your audience more effectively.

    Why the death of content mills is long overdue


    The agency model is the present and the future of content marketing.

    Content vs copy: Is there a difference?


    The terms copy and content are often used interchangeably, but there is a key difference in how each one appeals to an audience.

    How it’s made: A look inside the blog writer’s mind


    Ever wonder what it takes to write high-performing blogs? From ideation to distribution, here’s an inside look at all the creativity and resourcing that goes into making blog content.