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How to craft content with authority


Marketing professionals must be able to produce authoritative content marketing assets in their space to establish trust among readers and search engines.

Attract wider audiences & build leads with top-of-funnel content


Content fuels your marketing automation and lays the groundwork for your campaign. Here’s how to attract audiences and leads for your marketing automation.

Your weirdness is another person’s museum


Sometimes embracing “weirdness” is the best way to connect your content with a receptive audience.

2 Marketing Approaches to Make the Most of the Summer Slump


Feeling the summer burn? While business might be dipping, there are still content marketing opportunities to engage your audience and plan for the fall.

4 writing tips to craft your content for mobile readers


Target your audience on mobile with these four content writing tips.

Typography: The unsung hero of successful messaging


How can typography impact the message your content is sending to your target audience?

How 2 of Brafton’s content writers re-wired themselves to write for tech


Take a look at what it’s like to write content for some of the top influencers in the tech industry.

No one wants to read a BS blog, so stop writing them


Are your marketing results more unimpressive than you care to admit? You might have BS content to blame.

10 content types and their most suitable wine pairings


Consider content as wine. Knowing which types are best suited for which occasions will make your marketing strategy look effortless.