Lauren Kaye

On the fourth day of content, we’re celebrating the landing page. Sometimes overlooked, these are the pieces of the website puzzle that make SEO worthwhile. The landing page is where qualified traffic turns into customers. SEO and internal linking strategies also intersect at the landing page: this is where you get insights on the quality of traffic to determine if you’re meeting content marketing goals or missing the mark.

Because landing pages are the places customers go to learn about your products and services, it’s one of the places where it’s OK to get a little promotional. We interviewed Manager of Content Marketing Lori Kirk to get granular about what a good landing page strategy looks like. Click play to watch the video, and read on to see a list of related resources.

Why add landing pages into your content marketing mix?

Landing pages are a must-have format for a results-driven content marketing strategy. Excellent landing pages are the backbones of websites, and companies risk losing conversion opportunities if they neglect them.

Although these crucial pieces of content are relatively static (they aren’t blog content that’s changed or updated daily, or as permanent as a homepage), landing pages aren’t something to set and forget. These pages must have the look and feel of a brand, be optimized for custom goals, and tested and revised over time to continually provide users with better on-site experiences.

Check out these additional resources:

More companies are working with sophisticated marketing goals, and a growing proportion say they evaluate content marketing against leads and conversions – not just traffic. Landing pages are the bridges that turn your internet users into clients. Our Content Marketing Strategists know how to spot missed opportunities and fill those gaps to create landing pages better optimized for ROI.

To learn more about our landing pages or get expert advice from our featured Content Marketing Strategist, Lori Kirk, leave a question in the comments below. And stay tuned for more insights in the #12DaysOfContent!