Molly Buccini

In this week’s Content Questionnaire, we asked Uyen Nguyen, Content Manager at Sprinklr to share her insights on the digital marketing world. Here are her answers:

Q: What’s your idea of a perfect piece of web content?

Anything that inspires, educates, or makes the audience feel something.

Q: What is your current content focus?

We’re currently focused on blog posts, ebooks, and whitepapers – but visual storytelling is on its way 🙂

Q: What is your biggest marketing fear?

Producing content that doesn’t provide any value to the reader. No one likes empty calories.

Q: What do you dislike most about your website’s appearance?

I wish it was a better reflection of the company culture. Sprinklr is full of lively, energetic, passionate people — the site doesn’t do us justice.

Q: What buzzwords are you guilty of using most?

Driving… driving business goals, driving measurable results, driving revenue. I do a lot of driving these days.

Q: What brands do you have a marketing crush on?

Q: Which results make you happiest?

Feedback from readers. It makes my day when someone says they enjoyed reading a blog post or found a whitepaper useful.

“Any time I write about an unfamiliar topic, it makes me feel like I’ve learned something. That’s the greatest achievement for me, personally.”

Q: What marketing skill would you most like to have?

Graphic design. I have a writing-heavy background, but I love the way design complements (and elevates) copy

Q: What do you consider your greatest content marketing achievement (to date)?

Any time I write about an unfamiliar topic. It makes me feel like I’ve learned something, and that’s the greatest achievement for me, personally.

Q: If you were a type of web content, what do you think it would be?

One of those emotional marketing videos – creative, dramatic, ALL THE FEELINGS.

Q: What personal trait are you always trying to improve?

I overanalyze everything. Even this question.

Q: Do you think your office environment reflects your brand?

Yes. Have you seen our NYC office recently? *Makes whistle noise*

Q: What is your brand’s most valuable asset?

The people. I work with incredibly talented, passionate, and intelligent individuals. Bonus: they know how to GIF-battle.

Q: What is your favorite part of the workday?

The morning. Caffeine does magical things to my brain during this time.

Q: What is the quality you like best in other brands?


Q: What’s the quality you like least in other brands?

Poor listening skills.

Marketing fear? “Producing content that doesn’t provide any value to the reader. No one likes empty calories.”

Q: How can other brands/marketers get on your good side?

A bit of humanity goes a long way.

Q: What is your marketing pet peeve?

Click-baiting headlines.

Q: What’s one social media trend that you wish would die out?

Hashtag parties.

Q: What is your marketing motto?

We have three: No lead left behind. Never stop marketing. Embrace the suck.