Lauren Kaye

Industry: Technical recruiters
Content: Search-optimized landing pages
Highlights: Landing pages drove 135 percent more traffic to the company’s site & helped it rank on Page 1 in search

Landing pages are often an over-worked, undervalued piece of your search marketing machine. The results one company saw by optimizing its landing pages proves just how critical they are to a website’s overall performance. We helped one of our clients, a technical recruiter, make its landing pages more search friendly and within a business quarter, it ranked No. 2 for a targeted keyword and was getting 135 percent more traffic to the page.

Relevant, original content and smart keyword inclusion drive traffic

The company was already off to a great start, putting fresh content on its site through a news section. However, it still needed search-optimized landing pages for a strong internal linking strategy. Brafton’s content marketing strategist team worked with the client and our editorial team to come up with custom copy for one of the company’s top service pages.

Landing Page DartAt the end of the project, we had added custom content that demonstrated an understanding of its target audience’s pain points and detailed how the organization could provide valuable solutions.

The results of the change are apparent in the client’s quarterly content analytics metrics. Three months after the update, overall search traffic was up 135 percent for the page, and it was  ranking on page 1 in Google SERPs, plus:

  • Unique visits had increased 60 percent
  • Time on page increased almost 30 seconds (42 percent)
  • Bounce rate dropped from 75 percent to 44 percent

These metrics show people weren’t just finding the page more often in search AND visiting it, but they were also taking the time to read the content and performing additional actions on the landing page, such as clicking through to other content or requesting more information.

Not an isolated event – additional landing page updates just as successful

That’s not all – Knowing how impactful this update would be for the client’s website, Brafton’s strategists recommended a facelift for all of the client’s overlooked landing pages. Across an entire business category, they hand-crafted custom narratives and descriptions to make the company’s pages stand out in search … and it worked.

Throughout a business quarter, total unique views of the service landing pages increased almost 100 percent, while the bounce rate dropped 6 percent and time on site jumped 27 percent. As good as all of this traffic is, the real payoff comes in the form of conversions. Fortunately, the client also saw that 158 percent more people were clicking through to an order form, meaning the visitors were reaching the bottom of the sales funnel, too. Next up, we’re looking to further optimize these pages with keyword-specific title tags to give the site additional search visibility.

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