Jill Dilibero
In the midst of March Madness, there have already been surprise wins and losses. Some of our #socialmarchmadness contenders thought their networks should have stayed in the tournament longer, and we want to give them a chance to tell you why.
Pinterest may not be in the championship video showdown, but this blog explains why the network is the best for generating social marketing results with visuals.

Pinterest is the best way for you to show the world how your brand fits people’s needs. The most recent data from Semiocast puts the social network’s members at more than 70 million – and that was last summer! To put things into better perspective, ShareThis determined that Pinterest replaced email marketing as the third-most popular channel for sharing in the last quarter of 2014. Showing no signs of slowing down, you need to join Pinterest before your competitors do and capture your audience.

Putting your business on Pinterest will increase your audience, but it could also help you position yourself as a thought leader the best service provider. While many people simply view Pinterest as a lifestyle site, it has the potential to give you an in-depth look into what your customers care most about. Pinterest gives you visibility into people’s buying habits, what they’re thinking about and general insights into their personalities – and knowing your clients should be one of your biggest goals.

Pinterest has the potential to give you an in-depth look into what your customers care most about.

You may be wondering, “How does Pinterest fit into my business plan?” Whether you have an ecommerce site that you’d like to promote, or you want to be viewed as a thought leader within your industry, there are ways to use Pinterest to your advantage.
Does Pinterest really contribute to ecommerce sales?

At a passing glance, it’s fair to assume Pinterest is used mostly by people who are looking to lose weight, planning dream weddings or looking for recipe ideas. But Pinterest is more than that. It’s actually one of the best ways to drive to sales to your ecommerce site. It gives you a place to build a presence that promotes your product, but also your entire brand message.

One of our ecommerce clients in the fashion and accessories industry has a mixture of boards relating to its products, but also engaging images that speak the value of being stylish. These kinds of images are what bring people to your Pinterest boards in the first place and your products push them to your actual site. Since this client joined Pinterest, it has seen the network become its main traffic driver and experienced an increase in click-through rates to product pages.

Proof Pinterest marketing works - an ecommerce client sees results by sharing content on the network.

Can I really use Pinterest to start a conversation?

Sites like Twitter and Facebook are frequently touted as the social media conversation starters. While this is still true, Pinterest should not be discounted as a way to build industry thought leadership.

One of our clients in the senior living industry uses Pinterest to showcase its blog, and also position the brand as an educator for older individuals and their families. The results have been fantastic, as the client increased both its overall reach and website traffic. Similar to the ecommerce client, the senior living company was able to increase its traffic by thousands of members who found the company on Pinterest.

Companies are seeing results from their Pinterest marketing, including more referral traffic.



Posts on Pinterest can also help brands get more reach online.

Still not convinced?

These are just a couple of first-hand examples of what we’ve seen Pinterest do for our clients at Brafton. The benefit of Pinterest is that you can reach potential clients from anywhere in the world. Everyone speaks the same language through photos and with attractive boards, so you’re able to educate people with pictures and show them exactly how your products fit their needs.

So – what are you waiting for? Show your audience why you’re the best solution before someone else in your industry does.