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The Sweet Island Life of Lauren Perrodin


Learn more about one of our favorite writers, Lauren, and what makes this island girl such a quality addition to the Brafton team.

Keeping Momentum With Amanda Ciarci


Dig deeper into the world of Amanda Ciarci, from her roots in business to her passions outside of the office.

David Winterbach: Developing Connections


Learn more about Brafton employee and front-end developer David Winterbach.

From Satisfied Client to Brafton Manager of UX and SEO: Arlene Mendoza


As a hard worker and lifelong learner, Arlene Mendoza thrives in her position as Manager of UX and SEO at Brafton. But she didn’t always work in this field. Check out her journey to Brafton — *sneak peek* it starts with aerospace engineering!

Digital Marketing and Stand-Up Comedy with Anukool Manchanda


Looking for a side of humor with your digital marketing? Meet Anukool Manchanda, Digital Marketing Account Director and retired stand-up comedian!

Meet Brafton’s New Faces and Celebrate Team Wins in June


Discover the latest department updates and exciting wins of the Brafton Editorial, Project Management and Social teams in June.

Silvia Liu: Content Marketing Strategist and Meme Historian


Take an INTJ personality type, plenty of content marketing know-how and a whole lot of memes, and who do you get? Silvia Liu, that’s who!

MJ Ortega: Making the Switch From Sales and Marketing to the Operations World


With a background in sales and marketing, MJ Ortega decided to take a leap to the other side: operations sales. Armed with a photographic memory and sales work ethic, her contributions to the Brafton team are innumerable.

Tiago Berezoski: Artist, Father and Motion Designer


Learn how Tiago Berezoski’s artistic talents and pursuits extend within and beyond the Brafton workspace.