Brafton’s Weekly Content Marketing Roundup features the latest news and trends in the world of content marketing. This week we’re exploring stories about helpful tools for social media marketers, overcoming writer’s block, the state of mobile marketing and much more.

These tools make social marketing easierTools of the trade

There’s no shortage of social media platforms to use, and each one comes with its own unique plug-ins, add-ons and extensions to take your marketing efforts from good to great. Together with Social Media Strategist Walton Clark, Brafton’s Tressa Sloane recently highlighted a few of the best. Learn how to power up your social strategy here.

The robot revolution

Chatbot adoption is growing rapidly, yet many marketers are not utilizing them on their websites. Search Engine Journal outlined the less-than-stellar reception chatbots have received from some marketers while also pointing out their advantages for both businesses and website visitors. Ready to welcome our new chatbot overlords? Click here!

Writer's block getting you down?Breaking the block

Writer’s block is the bane of every scribe’s existence. It’s also a death knell for content marketing strategies. Brafton Content Manager Mike O’Neill recently explained common causes and effective solutions for writer’s block. Don’t let a lack of direction or inspiration get you down. Ready your pen and read on to find out more.

Content must be constant

A recent survey found that producing engaging content on a consistent basis is a major pain point for content marketers. After all, how are you supposed to create a constant stream of content and ensure it’s of high quality? Moz contributor Simon Penson has the answers. Find out how to keep content production steady and effective.

From analytics zero to hero

Measuring digital leads, and how they turn into revenue, is the beating heart of modern marketing. The trouble is, not everyone’s an analytics rockstar. Let Brafton Director of Account Management Brendon Cottreau walk you through getting the most out of Google Analytics, with plenty of pro tips for your trouble. See what he’s got to say about hitting your goals!

Mesmerizing mobile metrics

Clint Henderson at Wired SEO has put together an impressive list of mobile marketing data for 2017. From usage statistics to design trends to spending information, it’s a one-stop shop for all things mobile. Ready to take your own mobile content marketing strategy to the next level? Give Clint’s collection a peek before you get started.

Inbound marketing pulls customers in like a magnet.Look inward for marketing success

The times, they are a changin’. That means keeping up with what works in the world of marketing. While outbound once ruled the roost, inbound marketing, and content marketing specifically, is now your golden ticket. Skeptical? The numbers speak for themselves. Don’t get left in the dust.

Out with offers

Email marketing is still a highly effective way to generate leads. That said, it appears recipients are wary of emails promising special deals. Citing data from Yes Lifestyle Marketing, the team at MarketingProfs recently posted about how emails with offers in their subject lines have lower open rates. Find out more email marketing truths here.

That’s all there is to share this week. Come back next Friday for more of the web’s latest content marketing stories.

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